Education Brazuca Fitness – Copenaghen ( Denmark) 12 January 2020





INSTRUCTOR TRAINING Brazuca Fitness – Copenaghen (Denmark)

Date: 12 January 2020

Location: Coming Soon
host: Lela Hansen

Brazuca Fitness is created by Andrè Cruz, choreographer,dancer and Fitness trainer.

Brazuca fitness is an explosive mix which incorporates basic gym movements, tribal rhythms and Brazilian dance, Afro dance moves, movements from Brazilian martial arts such as Capoeira and Maculele, and most important the key ingredient of a successful fitness program: FUN.

Classes are pretty easy to follow: small easy to learn sequences of easy gym movements blended with Afro, Tribal, Samba, Capoeira moves. A total workout, combining cardio and strength training. Brazuca Fitness keeps classes successfull thanks to the choice of the right music, which gives to participants the high energy and to let themselves go into those rhythms which are already fun according to the tradition of Brazilian and Latin culture. One hour class of Brazuca Fitness choreographies, works many different muscles, thanks to the movements from both culture and brazilian dance movements, such as:

SAMBA – Brazilian dance from Carnival which works most of all the lower body muscles, legs and bums.

AFRO and TRIBAL – a very strong physical expression dance, that works arms muscles and legs muscles in coordinated movements. 

CAPOEIRA – a mix of dance and martial art which develops a great agility, as well as coordination, resistance and strength.

 BRAZUCA MACULELE  is an innovative form of cardiovascular training and toning that takes its cue from Maculelê (uses its movements, is inspired by it but is not the real maculele ). The Brazuca Maculelê is played with the use of two sticks to the rhythm of remixed music.


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